2015-12-25 15:48:47

Hello Earl, I came across your webiste when I read an article this afternoon on CNN about a cancer survival who has lived 10 years beyond his terminal' diagnosis of cancer. The survivor wrote that he spent some time at Kalighat Home for the Destitute Dying in India. I did a search and found your webiste then read about your story. I commend you for your attitude on life and living it unconventionally while look for solving problems and traveling at the same time. I endeavored to travel and live in poor countries when I was almost through with college. I joined the peace corps, traveled, lived and worked in Liberia West Africa sometime in early-mid eighties. I was in my 20s. Life was a spiral of adventure and risk taking events. I saw a lot of things that have changed me to the person I am today. My interest and yearning for traveling to see the world and learn never ceased even after I returned to the States. But I settled.' Yes, I compromised my will and settled because I had many dependencies both emotional and financial. Most importantly, I had a sick parent. What happened to me was this in a nutshell: I formed a different view of life while I was outside the first world. I developed a sense of caring and empathy that is beyond the acceptable norm in our American society. And by becoming empathic and caring I became different than the rest of my lot. I suffer from this sense of difference. It is almost comparable to what a war veteran feels when s/he returns home. It is a sense of not-belonging.I hope at some point you feel belonged regardless of how far you travel and when you eventually find a place to rest, albeit for a short period of time.Be well. Peace Maryam


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